Twentieth Anniversary Fred Lang Student Case Competition

This year’s Fred Lang Student Case Competition (Wednesday, May 30, 2012) celebrated twenty years of enhancing our students’ analytical and presentation skills, heightening their awareness of contemporary accounting issues, and showcasing the talents of our top students. Five student group teams delivered well-constructed case analyses to a panel of accounting practitioners, and fielded judges’ tough questions.  The case this year revolved around Chicago’s own Groupon: its recent IPO and its various subsequent accounting difficulties.

(l-r) Lang Judge Nicole Valosek, Team Accounting Club members Joseph Pitsor, Savanna Milasuski and Brian Bafaro, Judges Jim Robbs and Scott Steffens

(l-r) Lang Judge Nicole Valosek, Team Accounting Club members Joseph Pitsor, Savanna Milasuski and Brian Bafaro, Judges Jim Robbs and Scott Steffens

After deliberation, the Accounting Club–Brian Bafaro, Savanna Milasuski and Joseph Pitsor–took top honors, with Beta Alpha Psi–Hoyan Cheuk, Tom Gawel, Zack Moi, Wei Wang, and Emilia Waszkielewicz (assisted by Isabella Martinez, Monica Latz, andMaria Murillo)–a close second.

Judges this year were Jim Robbs, Director, Sassetti LLC and president of L&Q; Scott Steffens, Partner, Grant Thornton and L&Q past president, and Nicole Valosek, Senior Audit Manager, Deloitte. Faculty moderators serving as coaches were Profs. Elizabeth Murphy (MAHA), Mark Sullivan (Accounting Club), John McEnroe (BAP),Ning Du (Ascend), and Sandra Shelton (NABA).This year’s case was developed byProf. Wendy Heltzer.

Prof. Needles

Prof. Needles

This year a special recognition was accorded Belverd E. Needles, Ernst & Young Alumni Professor, for his energetic and dedicated oversight of the Lang program since 1993—one of the School’s longest-running activities. Prof. Needles was thanked for providing the opportunity to compete and excel to over 300 students from 7 student groups, in presentations before 43 judges and an audience over 1500, spanning two decades. Prof. Heltzer will assume program oversight.

Our twentieth anniversary competition was once again sponsored by School Director Kevin Stevens and our chaired professors: Prof. Needles, L&Q Professor Mark L. Frigo, Deloitte Professor John McEnroe, KPMG Professor Sandra Shelton, and Ezerski Professor Nancy Hill. The School is especially pleased also to acknowledge once again the generous support of Ledger & Quill.

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