McEnroe Named to Spirit of Inquiry Award

Deloitte Professor John McEnroe

Deloitte Professor John McEnroe

John E. McEnroe, Deloitte Alumni Distinguished Professor of Accountancy in the School, has been awarded one of the University’s 2011 Spirit of Inquiry Awards, in recognition of his long record of creative research which consistently demonstrates the inquisitiveness of the committed scholar. The awards, presented at the university’s year-opening Fall Convocation, are selected by the University Research Council, to recognize and reward “the quest for knowledge that is the foundation upon which the idea of a university rests.” Three awards are presented annually across DePaul’s entire faculty.

In addition to his teaching and research, Prof. McEnroe is also director of the School’s Strobel Accounting Honors Program, a member of the Executive Committee and Scholarship Selection Committee of Ledger & Quill, and DePaul’s Faculty Athletic Representative to the NCAA.

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