Tenth Annual Melvoin Student Symposium Held

The School held the tenth annual Charles Melvoin Student Ethics Symposium Wednesday, April 25, 2012, bringing together the winners of the Fall 2011 Melvoin Essay Contest, a panel of judges, and faculty and staff for this year’s competition for the $3000 in  Melvoin Prizes.

Students included juniors Jasmina Krpo and Lisa Palarz, and senior Isabella Martinez, all Strobel Scholars. First place prize went to Martinez, whose “Trust but Verify” drew lessons from past corporate frauds and outlined what she saw as future business leaders’ responsibilities in serving the public interest. Krpo’s “International Business Ethics: No Clear Answer,” dealt with difficult issues inherent in international business: different cultures, different rules. As the world gets flatter, Krpo argued, a single ethical framework proves elusive. Palarz’ “Ethical Engagements in Accounting” presented a survey of ethical theories, but emphasized that code and law are needed for a strong, straightforward and consistent method of applying ethics.

Judges this year included Gerald Ginsburg, Managing Director, McGladrey, and formerly of the L&Q Board; Ginsburg has served as a Symposium judge since the program’s inception. Joining Ginsburg was McGladrey Audit Manager Katarina Babic, currently on the L&Q Board, and program sponsor Hugo Melvoin.

The essay contest and symposium are sponsored by the Charles Melvoin Fund in the School, which also provides the annual Melvoin Prizes and the Melvoin Scholarships, currently awarded to ten outstanding students in the School. L&Q is pleased to have co-sponsored the 2012 Melvoin Student Ethics Symposium.

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