Epstein Gift to Ramanauskas Fund

Long time L&Q member and DePaul advocate Barry Epstein, Ph.D. (BUS ’67) has once again shown his loyalty and dedication to DePaul–and strong advocacy of the goals of our Many Dreams, One Mission Campaign–with his recent gift to support the Helene Ramanauskas-Marconi Endowed Scholarship Fund in the School. Epstein announced the gift at the L&Q Summer Reception, June 20.

L&Q President Jim Robbs (BUS '80) and School Director Kevin Stevens (MST '86) with Dr. Epstein at the L&Q Reception)

L&Q President Jim Robbs (BUS ’80) and School Director Kevin Stevens (MST ’86) with Dr. Epstein at the L&Q Reception

L&Q President Jim Robbs (BUS ’80) and School Director Kevin Stevens(MST ’86) spoke as one in their gratitude for Epstein’s most recent gift, and their admiration for such savvy, carefully-aimed generosity.

“Dr. Ramanauskas was one of the most memorable and finest professors during my undergraduate years in the mid-1960s,” Dr. Epstein stated.  “She advised me to consider a life in teaching, which I did pursue for the first phase of my career, to my everlasting benefit.  I am enormously pleased to be able to ensure permanent funding for the scholarship in her honor, as her legacy deserves to be appreciated by future generations of students and the university community at large.”

The Ramanauskas Fund provides an annual scholarship to the top student in the School’s MBA-Management Accounting program. Epstein’s gift will enable the “Helene Fund,” established in 1994, to provide stronger support of our top students, especially at the graduate level. Ledger & Quill was an early co-sponsor of the fund, in recognition of Prof. Ramanauskas’ long and distinguished career in the School.

Dr. Epstein’s multi-level support of the School and DePaul aligns perfectly with the Many Dreams, One Mission Campaign goals, and includes, in addition to the now-augmented Ramanauskas Fund, the Dr. Edwin Cohen Endowed Scholarship and the Dr. Barry J. Epstein Endowed Faculty Fellowship in the School of Accountancy. The faculty fellowship focuses on research, best practices and innovation in professional accounting education, strengthening faculty, programs and learning at DePaul, and solidifying our national stature as a leader in accounting education.

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