New Members Join L&Q Board

Operating separately since last year as the Accounting Advisory Board, the group was folded into the L&Q Board with its Fall 2012 meeting, in order to synergize and consolidate the considerable brain power available to the School. While each member has an accounting background and focus, the new members bring various perspectives on accounting education and practice, insights that will be used in continuing to shape the School’s programs and curriculum. The new members, each serving a three-year term, will also represent a broad spectrum of practice, reflecting the many areas in which our students will take their place in the profession.

New members of the Ledger & Quill Board:

David Berek

David Berek

Jim W. Ahlborn (BUS ’91)
Vice President of Finance and
Chief Financial Officer
Shure Incorporated

David A. Berek (BUS ’90)
Handler Thayer, LLP

Daniel J. Doherty (BUS ’85)
Area Managing Partner, Midwest Advisory

David G. Franckowiak (BUS ’85, MAC ’85)
Corporate Controller
MW Industries

Wayne M. Fritz (BUS ’78, MBA ’85)
APICS—The Association for Operations Management

David Franckowiak

David Franckowiak

Joseph Gatto (BUS ’78)
President and CEO
Ft. Sheridan Group, LLC

David R. Scudder (BUS ’91)
Area Managing Director and Board Director
Newport Board Group

Donald J. Sorota (BUS ’96)
Altair Advisers


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