Pope-Salisbury Crossing the Line receives AICPA Award

Kelly Pope, Associate Professor of Accounting

Kelly Pope, Associate Professor of Accounting

The School’s Kelly Pope, Associate Professor of Accounting, and colleague Video Producer Rick Salisbury have been awarded the 2012 Mark Chain/Federation of Schools of Accountancy Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award for their video documentary Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes. 

The awardsponsored by the AICPA, recognizes exceptional graduate accounting course practices and resources.

The documentary features interviews with white-collar criminals and explores their motivations for committing financial crimes. It has been shown to students studying accounting at DePaul and other business schools around the country, as well as to accounting professionals.

Crossing the Line was shown to L&Q members in a special early screening in Fall 2011. The showing, sponsored by Ernst & Young and hosted by Prof. Pope, attracted a full house of students, friends and members to the then newly-opened Richard and Maggie Daley Center at the university’s Loop Campus.

This is the second accounting industry award for the documentary producing duo. In May, Pope and Salisbury won a Contribution to Teaching Award from the Professionalism and Ethics Committee of the American Accounting Association.

(Members attending the Fall 2012 L&Q Seminar “Trends in Financial Crimes and Fraud” [Sept. 24, 2012] had a sneak peek at Prof. Pope’s latest work, focusing on Rita Crundwell, formerly controller of Dixon, IL.

Lights, Camera … Jail: “Crossing the Line” Show Draws a Crowd

“Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes,” a new white-collar crime documentary by the School’s Prof. Kelly Pope and Rick Salisbury, Driehaus College of Business video producer, was presented to a just-about SRO crowd Friday, February 24, 2012, at the College of Communication Theater at DePaul’s Loop Campus Daley Building. The 90-minute film is far more than a “good accounting/bad accounting” how-to, or a TV procedural for fans of forensic accounting.

“Crossing the Line” documents the pull of fraud on ordinary business professionals, showing how corporate pressures, expectations and targets can–when combined with human nature–exert values-warping and life-changing forces on those in or aspiring to the C-suite. That is, just about all of us. Through interviews and first-person accounts, convicted felons tell their stories: the small beginnings, the ever-expanding cover-ups, the growing desperation, and the eventual disclosure, punishment, and ruined lives. Insightful, timely and at times sobering, “Crossing the Line” documents not only the financial and criminal sides of fraud, but also its human cost.

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