Deep Blue: David Franckowiak

Long-time Ledger & Quill member and Board member Dave Franckowiak

Long-time Ledger & Quill member and Board member Dave Franckowiak

Long-time Ledger & Quill member and Board member Dave Franckowiak is Chief Financial Officer for Grenzebach Glier and Associates (GG+A), consultants in philanthropic management, where he leads the financial and core operational areas of the firm.  He also provides financial leadership and guidance to management and consultants for the infrastructure supporting consulting and services to clients.

Dave has over 25 years of experience as CFO and as a CPA in Big Four public accounting.  Prior to GG+A, he served as CFO of two portfolio companies for Pfingsten Partners, an operationally focused private equity firm.  He began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Dave earned his bachelor’s degree in the Strobel Scholars Honors Accounting Program and his master’s degree in accountancy from DePaul.

Dave has an equally exemplary career of supporting DePaul as a long-time member of the President’s Club and the L&Q Board.  Currently, he serves on the School’s Advisory Committee.

Long term involvement tends to make someone “family,” a status which, once attained, makes that person, well, special. Doesn’t need a title, doesn’t need to hold an office or formalities—they’re family.  DePaul and L&Q are fortunate to have so many “family” members, some stretching back decades, those whose dedication and participation are exemplary, consistent, and have in one way or another benefitted literally hundreds of DePaul students.

Former L&Q Board member Dave Franckowiak is family. And while participation can have major benefits, there’s nothing like satisfaction of a job well done.

Over the years, Dave has been steadily involved with DePaul: student, BAP member, graduate student, alumni, season ticket holder, recruiter, L&Q Board and Executive Committee, L&Q subcommittees, a steady member (along with wife DePaul alum Jean) of the President’s Club, adjunct faculty member, and, currently, on the School’s newly-formed Accounting Advisory Committee. He’s as familiar as he is experienced and valuable.

“I started on the L&Q Board in 1994, representing my firm,” he recalls, “and ended up being on the Executive Committee for the next four years. That was really an exciting time, and L&Q was growing and expanding, especially working for students: teaching excellence awards, new scholarships and scholarship funds, student group support, strategic planning. I think that’s when [L&Q] first approached $100,000 in annual scholarships.” Then it was back to the Board.

Participation led to other enjoyable “tasks” including judging the School’s annual Fred Lang Case Competition, seeing both the students and the educational process up close.  The best experience of all was instructing night class, which he did for four quarters.

“The diversity of students, in terms of age, experience and background was amazing.  They brought to the class just as many real life examples as I did.  I hope that my career will afford that opportunity to me again.”

Currently Dave serves on the School’s Advisory Committee, reviewing courses and curricula, programs and offering, helping assure the School is offering an optimal education, and one that is meeting the ever-changing needs of the profession.

Dave figures about 2,000 accounting students have graduated since he became involved, and that in some way or another–donor, judge, interviewer, recruiter, L&Q officer, School advisor—he hopes to have impacted some of their lives.

“L&Q once considered tangible L&Q membership benefits, but to me it’s always been simply knowing I’m involved in helping students through college and into the profession,” he added.

L&Q would like to add to what many, many students have said: Thanks, Dave.

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