Members of the Moment – Aaron R. Folkening (BUS ’98)

Aaron R. Folkening (BUS ’98)

Aaron R. Folkening (BUS ’98)

Another Strobel alumnus, Aaron Folkening’s accounting career began at KPMG, then on to Kraft, at which point he obtained his MBA from Northwestern.  He is presently vice president of finance and controller at Anderson Copper and Brass, a Marmon Group company.

Aaron confessed that he is not a “good” alumnus because he does not attend events.  On the contrary, there are plenty of ways to show affinity for DePaul, and that is where Aaron shines. He keeps up with news via L&Q and college mailings.  Already an annual L&Q donor, when Aaron received the call two years ago to step up to the Steans Challenge for Scholarships, he signed on for a multi-year gift pledge to the Robert M. Peters Endowed Scholarship, to enhance the impact of the challenge’s match.

Aaron promises, “As my career progresses and my children get older, I look forward to getting more involved with the School and attending Blue Demon basketball games; in the meantime I am glad to give back and support accounting scholarships because I was a recipient of an L&Q Scholarship.”

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