McGladrey Endowed Scholarship Makes Giving Permanent

DePaul accountancy students have a new, more permanent source of scholarship funding, thanks to the generosity of McGladrey LLP, a Chicago-based provider of assurance, tax and consulting services.

“We had been running a campaign within McGladrey’s Chicago office every year to raise money for scholarships,” says Joe Adams, managing partner and CEO “but a few of us wanted to do something more meaningful and permanent. Going the endowed scholarship route made a lot of sense.”

The first three contributors to the endowed scholarship are Adams, Great Lakes Financial Services Assurance Practice Leader and L&Q Board member Paul Nockels, and Great Lakes Regional Tax Leader John Bird. They hope the scholarships will go to many bright, talented students who only need the financial means to achieve their career goals, as well as to those who will help increase diversity in the accounting profession.

Says Nockels, “We were delighted to make the initial commitments. Joe, John and I are proud DePaul alumni and recognize the tremendous contribution DePaul had on our careers. We want to enable the same opportunities for others.” Adams hopes other DePaul alumni will make the same commitment: “DePaul has delivered an excellent academic experience to thousands of accounting students over the years. As one of those people who have benefited greatly from that experience, I find this a great way to give something back and keep the pipeline going!”

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