Peters, ICPAS Scholarships Announced

The annual Robert M. Peters Scholarships for the 2013-14 year have been announced, and this year nine of the school’s top students have received the honor.Recipients this year were senior Strobel Scholars Paige Kenefick, Brian Bafaro, Fawn Bradley, Savanna Milasuski, Mustafa Ghafoor, Ibrahim Bagasrawala, Milena Dimetrova, Michelle Heneghan and Dana Rutkowski.

First offered in 2006-07, the Peters Scholarships have expanded from the initial two awardees (one of whom is L&Q Board member Allison Kezerle [BUS ’07]) to today’s nine–reflecting the growth of the Peters Fund since its inception in 2004.

Input on the final decisions was provided by the five original founding committee members who helped establish the Peters Fund: Scott Steffens (BUS ’89), Ed Wiertel (BUS ’83), Steve Cappaert (BUS ’83, MAcc ’84), Steve Westman (BUS ’83) and Terry Kenney (BUS ’80).  Steffens, Cappaert and Kenney are also L&Q Past Presidents and Lifetime Associates. The School’s Prof. Elizabeth Murphy once again coordinated the scholarship program and sits on the Peters selection committee.

In other scholarship news, four more DePaul accounting students distinguished themselves by recently being awarded 2013-14 scholarships from the Illinois CPA Society: Debbie Bornok, Jose Leon, Sabana Patel and Jasmine Villagomez. Villagomez was awarded the ICPAS Women’s Executive Committee Scholarship. DePaul students took four of the ICPAS’ 25 scholarships this year.

The scholarships are provided by the CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois, which is dedicated to supporting outstanding Illinois students planning to pursue the CPA. The CPA Endowment Fund is supported solely by voluntary contributions of ICPAS members

“Illinois is an amazing state for the accounting profession, with so many highly regarded institutions offering exceptional finance and accounting programs,” said Todd Shapiro, ICPAS President and CEO, in the announcement; “there are a lot of bright accounting students, and it’s important the CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois can assist them through financial contributions or career connections. The Illinois CPA Society looks forward to the future as these students will contribute much to our profession in years to come.”

ICPAS Scholarships Announced 2

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