Recent Alumni Group Holds Winter Reception

They’re at it again–L&Q’s Recent Alumni Group held its third annual party and mixer Thursday,  January  9,  2014, at Lloyd’s on Wacker Drive. Billed as a “pre-busy season” event–and everyone knows what that means, with the busy season having started–the gathering may have been the last chance younger alumni would have to socialize before April 15.

“Our past recent alumni events proved pretty popular,” says Kevin Almady, past chair of L&Q’s Recent Alumni Group; “they were a good mix of business networking, a mini-reunion, a casual reception, and just catching up with friends and colleagues.”

This year’s Recent Alumni Group includes L&Q Executive Committee member Zoe Huitink and Board member Erin Quick.

“Despite the winter weather mix of chilly temperatures and snow, a great mix of recent alumni gathered together to catch-up before busy season and expand the recent alumni network,” agreed event “co-instigators” Huitink and Quick.

Many alumni of a more recent vintage, notably a large contingent from the Class of 2011, celebrated the return of normal winter weather, with relatively mild temperatures on that Thursday evening, “normal” compared to the deep freeze of earlier in the week.

“It’s always enjoyable to meet and mingle with our newer alumni,” says school director Kevin Stevens, “and to hear of their careers and growth. We’re grateful for the efforts of the group to hold these get-togethers, especially as they become more popular. “

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