School Announces Strategic Plan

Building on a core of shared values, the School of Accountancy and MIS has produced a Strategic Plan that will carry the students and faculty through to 2018. The plan was, as usual, a highly collaborative effort involving faculty, staff, Ledger & Quill, alumni, and members of the Chicago business and accounting community.

The plan calls for maintaining the school’s “culture of collaboration” involving students, staff and faculty; promoting high-quality applied and theoretical research, including pedagogical advances; continuing to offer and further develop programs that meet the needs of contemporary students and practice, while assuring teaching excellence; and finally to leverage our student population and our location to expand relationships with all school stakeholders–employers, alumni, donors and students. An External Relations Committee, for example, will seek increased opportunities for collaboration with external stakeholders.

“We earn our reputation by continually improving our teaching, research, service and connections to the business community,” said school director Kevin Stevens in the plan’s preface; “these efforts continue with our new strategic plan, which sets forth bold goals to guide us through 2018.”

The school’s connections with the business community receives a new emphasis. Many great things have come from our close relations with the many off-campus constituencies. Not only the routine success of Ledger & Quill comes from this relationship, but many scholarship and internship programs, employment opportunities, a separate on-line offering of the MST program, wide curricular advice and input from the profession, a number of the Many Dreams, One Mission Campaign for DePaul scholarships, relations with the IIA educational programs, professorships, cooperation with the ICPAS, and many other innovative, enduring successes that help make a DePaul education superior . .  .  and always accessible to the deserving.

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