Sorota Helps Establish New Scholarship in Honor of Professor Edward Foth

Don Sorota (BUS ’96), a School of Accountancy alumnus, Strobel Honors program graduate and member of the Ledger & Quill Board, was the featured donor speaker at the 2013 L&Q Annual Fall Luncheon.  As lead donor for the newly established Edward Foth Endowed Scholarship for accounting students, Sorota shared his reasons for giving back. He has fond memories of stellar accounting faculty such as Professors Peters and Foth who motivated him to excel and spent personal time with students in guidance and fun. Sorota is committed to helping ensure that the next generation of DePaul accounting students has the same quality education and opportunities that he had as a student here.

At the luncheon, Sorota thanked fellow fund founders Krista Caprini (BUS ’96), Daniel Delgado (BUS ’96), John Flaherty (MST ’77), John Mann (MST ’83, MBA ’01), and Wafa Shalabi (BUS ’95, MST ’98). He summed up their sentiment about making this important investment in our students: “The Dr. Edward C. Foth Endowed Scholarship recognizes and honors the impact that Dr. Foth has had on countless students in the School of Accountancy & MIS.”

Sorota further invited the Ledger & Quill community to join them in growing the impact of the fund by directing all or part of their annual L&Q renewal gift to this new scholarship. The Foth Endowed Scholarship joins the list of over 50 funds under the L&Q umbrella that support accounting students, faculty and programs in the school. Don even infused the effort with a bit of healthy competition, remarking that “now in its infancy, the Foth Scholarship is about a quarter of the size of the Peters fund, and with your help, the goal is to get the Foth Scholarship as big as the Peters fund.”

Don Sorota (BUS '96), a School of Accountancy alumnus, Strobel Honors program graduate and member of the Ledger & Quill Board

Don Sorota (BUS ’96), a School of Accountancy alumnus, Strobel Honors program graduate and member of the Ledger & Quill Board

By way of follow-up, and to help get the word out more broadly, Sorota and Shalab volunteered to pen a year-end letter to fellow Strobel classmates, with these words of encouragement: “Your gift would be a wonderful way to honor Dr. Foth for his long-standing service to DePaul’s School of Accountancy & MIS, demonstrate your positive regard for your DePaul experience, and support scholarships, which are the cornerstone of DePaul’s Many Dreams, One Mission Campaign.”

Sorota is Founding Partner of Altair Advisers LLC, an independent investment consultant that serves wealthy individuals, families, foundations and endowments. Given his experience and expertise as both a CPA and a CFP, Don works closely with clients to understand their long-term financial goals and create customized investment portfolios that are well integrated with all other aspects of a client’s financial planning. Beyond direct client servicing, Sorota provides management and operational leadership at the firm. He served as Altair’s Finance Director for the firm’s first three years due to his tax expertise and his outstanding analytical skills. He is also a member of Altair’s Alternative Investment Committee. Sorota has been recognized by Chicago magazine as a “Five Star Wealth Manager” for the past four years in a row. Prior to a forming Altair, Sorota was a manager in Arthur Andersen’s Private Client Services practice, serving as an investment counselor and financial planner.

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