Tim at DePaul Says Good-bye

At DePaul he was simply “Tim in Accounting”; outside the university, he was simply “Tim at DePaul.”

After more than three decades of watching after the school–its potential students, current students, graduate assistants, student groups, scholarships and awards, firms and recruiters, special programs, communications and publicity, and especially its faculty–as well taking care of Ledger & Quill, its members, officers, presidents, budgets, programs, newsletters, website, scholarships and activities–Tim Lockyer retired from DePaul at the end of the academic year.

Lockyer arrived at DePaul in 1980, soon after the establishment of the School of Accountancy. Over the years his responsibilities kept pace with the growth of the administrative demands of both the school and L&Q as they grew in size, scope and stature. He worked alongside four directors (Belverd Needles, John Ahern, current Driehaus Dean Ray Whittington, and current director Kevin Stevens) and an impressive 17 Ledger & Quill presidents.

Lockyer plans to relocate to Washington, D.C, joining his wife Mary, a disaster health services coordinator with the national headquarters of the American Red Cross, and ultimately retire to Long Beach, Ind. They look forward to their 50th anniversary.

With Tim’s departure, Sarah Musto at the school is taking over administrative responsibilities.

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