Spring Competition Results

Spring is a busy season in the school, and for many students it presents a chance to flex their intellectual muscles and test themselves by competitively wrangling with some thorny accounting issues. Accounting students test their critical thinking, as well as analytical and communications prowess, in the school’s Charles Melvoin Essay Contest, as well as the Fred Lang Student Case Competition, now in its 22nd year.

At the 12th annual Chales Melvoin Student Ethics Symposium on April 23, 2014, Strobel Scholars once again led the way as seniors Nick Ioriatti and Joseph Pitsor and junior Jennifer Soto were awarded Melvoin Prizes for their presentations of essays submitted in the Fall 2013 Melvoin Essay Contest.

Judges this year were Andrea Kunkel (McGladrey), representing the Ledger & Quill Board, and accounting professors Mary Mindak and Molly Mercer.

Fred Lang

Fred Lang

Pitsor’s examination of international accounting ethics took first place in the annual contest. The other presenters held forth on the meaning and fairness of the “cooling off” period and auditor independence (Ioriatti), and a wide-ranging, perceptive overview of ethics from a young professional’s point of view (Soto).

The annual Fred Lang Student Case Competition on May 14, 2014, saw four student groups–the Accounting Club, Beta Alpha Psi, MAHA and NABA--review and analyze a multi-dimensional case concerning earnings management, and each team made a strong presentation before a panel of judges.

Judges this year were Colleen Warner (EY), Kate Dahlberg (PCAOB and L&Q Executive Committee), and Belverd Needles, the school’s EY Professor of Accounting, in his first role as judge in a program he ran for two decades.

After some deliberation, the judges accorded a rarely-declared second place to Team NABA, and first place to Team Beta Alpha Psi.

Our 2014 competitors included James Buffington, Katy Riordan, Michael Szewc, Tim Littman and Edward Rytych (BAP); Mustafa Saraug, Brian Bafaro, Saud Ahmed, andAmanda Leichliter (Accounting Club); Augustin Nunez, Al Pietrasiuk, Javier Ramirezand Jacqueline Villagomez (MAHA); and Afua Asantewaa, Allison King, and Marcus Tolson (NABA).

L&Q, a proud sponsor of the Lang Contest since 1993, extends its congratulations to the students and moderators of the groups, and to Professor Wendy Heltzer, who now coordinates the Lang Program in the School.

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