2015 Melvoin Symposium

The School of Accountancy and MIS held the 13th annual Charles Melvoin Student Ethics Symposium May 20, bringing together a panel of judges, faculty and staff for this year’s student ethics competition that featured $3,000 in Melvoin Prizes.

Three students were awarded scholarships out of a field of 40 submissions. The student winners were Zeba Hasan, George Sobolevskiy and Jennifer Waclawik. The first place prize went to Waclawik, whose “No One Likes a Tattletale—Or Do They?” explored ethical decision-making when it comes to whistleblowing within the accounting function. She was awarded a $1,500 scholarship. Hasan placed second with a paper that examined how understanding psychology can help determine why people do unethical actions. Hasan received a $1,000 prize. In Sobolevskiy’s paper, “Rethinking Big Data: A Conceptual Approach to a Contentious Issue,” the author discussed the liquidity of information with new technologies and the lack of legal and ethical guidelines surrounding data. He was awarded third prize and a $500 scholarship.

Judges this year included Mike Whelan, president of L&Q and partner at EY. Joining Whelan was Jonathan Pizzolato from PwC, Michal Ploskonka from BKD, and Stephani Mason and Willie Reddic, both accountancy professors at DePaul.

The essay contest and symposium are sponsored by the school’s Charles Melvoin Fund, which provides the annual Melvoin Prizes and Melvoin Scholarships, which are currently awarded to 10 outstanding DePaul accountancy students annually.

(L to R) Jennifer Waclawik, George Sobolevskiy and Zeba Hasan

(L to R) Jennifer Waclawik, George Sobolevskiy and Zeba Hasan

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