Tyson May Named President of Ledger & Quill

DSC_5957.1Tyson May has been named the president of Ledger & Quill for a two-year term (2015-17), succeeding Michael Whelan (2013-15). May, an audit partner at Deloitte, has been an active member on the L&Q Executive Board for five years. A Strobel Honors student, he graduated from DePaul with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy in 2000.

How did you get involved with L&Q?

As with many students that come through DePaul, my history with L&Q dates back to my days as a student in the accountancy program. I was an officer of a student organization and noticed how L&Q supported the needs of the students and enriched their perspectives. After graduation, I wanted to continue my involvement with L&Q. I have served on the board now for five years and it has been a tremendous opportunity for me to not only stay connected with the university but also give back to the school that helped launch my career.

What does becoming L&Q the president mean to you?

It really was an honor to be considered to step into this role and I was very humbled to be asked to take this role over from Mike Whelan when his term was up. As is very much the DePaul way, I want to give back through service and this to me is the ultimate way to serve–not only the university but the alumni base. This organization has such a rich history and I have some very big shoes to fill with prior presidents, but I am confident I am up to the task.

What do you hope to accomplish over your two-year appointment?

My goals for the next two years are really twofold–continue to enhance the brand and reputation of this great alumni organization and grow participation in the organization. As alumni, one of the greatest assets we have is the base of professionals within L&Q to call upon. Further expanding networking within the organization will drive participation both from new alumni looking to launch their careers as well as others mid-career professionals looking to make a change.

What is great about L&Q?

L&Q is our way of giving back – giving back to the school and giving back to those talented students who could benefit from needed assistance. This is where we, as the alumni, ask what needs to be done to support the school and the mission. And that goes for the alumni as well – (we need to ask what) can we do to enhance our L&Q alumni base by connecting them among our vast alumni? L&Q members have the opportunity to not only enhance their own careers and lives but also give back to the place that helped launch their careers. It is enriching and fulfilling all at the same time—and that is what makes L&Q great.

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