Network and Give Back Through the L&Q Recent Alumni Committee

The Recent Alumni Committee (RAC) is a sub-committee of Ledger & Quill (L&Q) made up of DePaul alumni who graduated from the School of Accountancy and MIS within the last ten years. The main goal of the committee is to encourage recent alumni participation in L&Q by organizing and participating in networking receptions, philanthropic activities, and social events with alumni, university faculty and current DePaul students. Check out the new RAC page on the website here.


On Jan. 7, the Recent Alumni Committee hosted a happy hour, networking event at the Rittergut Wine Bar. It was a great event to start the year and connect with former classmates and other L&Q members!

So far this year, the RAC held a “pre-busy season” winter networking event at Rittergut Wine Bar & Social Club, participated in DePaul’s Vincentian Service Day, and raised over $5,000 for L&Q through the L&Q Recent Alumni Giving Campaign.

“Participating in Ledger and Quill is a personally rewarding experience,” says Erin Quick (BUS ’11), the committee chair. “L&Q focuses on awarding scholarships and faculty endowments, so members who might have received L&Q scholarships themselves have the chance to give back and help students as they embark on their careers. Additionally, those involved in L&Q are able to build and strengthen networking and mentoring relationships with a large local alumni base.”

A single process applies to all alumni interested in joining L&Q. In order to become a member, simply make an annual gift of any amount to any fund that supports SOAMIS. If you are a graduate of SOAMIS within the past 10 years, you are considered part of the recent alumni. Becoming a member of L&Q is easy–simply make an annual gift of any amount to any fund that supports SOAMIS. If you would like to donate to the “Recent Alumni Giving Campaign,” please specify this request in the “memo” field when making your donation. Donate now.

Class of 2016 Invited to June 29 Reception

In addition to recruiting new L&Q members, the RAC is also seeking one to three recent alumni from the class of 2016 who might be interested in serving on the RAC. “I recommend that graduating seniors attend the Ledger & Quill Summer Reception on June 29,” says Quick. “It will be a great way to learn more about L&Q and connect with L&Q members, graduating seniors, and DePaul faculty.”

For more information, email


Members of the L&Q Recent Alumni Committee volunteered with other DePaul alumni on May 7 as part of the campus-wide Vincentian Service Day project. They worked on the Cards for Kids event, where they made greeting cards for children in hospitals.

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